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SO I WON A COMPETITION!!  As apart of the competition that I won I also got a fee subscription to 3 TRIBE boxes. I was very excited about this as I normally make my own bars so this would be a change and save me a lot of time. Also due to winter training I would be training further from my house and so would ideally need to have a snack before driving home. Previous to this I had ordered one box for £1 that’s right a pound, so look out for the deals and promo codes!! So here is my review of all the TRIBE Products I have tried now that I have sampled a good proportion of their products. Overall I really liked their products and have really enjoyed tasting them all.


What is TRIBE?

TRIBE is a company that offers natural sports supplements, they come in a pack similar to other companies like Graze on a subscription basis. They are centred around runners with a particular interest in trail runners. When you sign up they ask you a bunch of questions like how often do you train, how far what sports extra. This enables you to get the most out of their products for your specific training requirement. However you can play around with it if you want certain products more and you can also by packs of just individual items. Also you can go through the different products and select the ones you want to try or the ones you don’t like the sound of.

They like to pride themselves on having the highest quality and natural ingredients in all of their ranges. They seem very proud on the fact that they limit nasty flavourings or additives that are commonly found in their competitors and are a natural brand. Also they seem to try to keep the processing to a minimum which is different to find in many other pre made sports nutrition products. It was also refreshing to see the correct ratio between carbs, proteins and fats. A lot of protein bars especially I found are made for high protein and weight loss goals rather than the best recovery. Another great thing about TRIBE is that 10p from each pack goes to a charity called Trekstock.

TRIBE also has a community section, blog and training base for your to get involve with. The TRIBE training is based in London and often does tempo runs and longer trail runs at weekends as well as other events. So if your n the London area they might be worth looking into to. The blog has a range of articles from event reviews, nutritional information, recipes and training tips as well as much more. Its worth a read as there is quite a range of articles there.


The range:

Energy Bars:

These mainly focuses on Carbohydrates to give you the fuel for your training. The research points to having about 20-60g of carbs in the first 90 mins of exercise. (This obviously depends on many factors like you weight, intensity, sport oct.) Each bar is also said to be rich in mineral and vitamins that will boost energy metabolism.

Recovery Protein Bars:

Theses are their protein bars and are recommended for 30mins to an hour after a work out. They all have 10g of protein in them, in order to try and help the muscles recover without having to breakdown your own muscle protein. The bars use mainly rice protein as well as nuts and seeds as the source of protein. Uniquely they are made to incorporate the correct ratio of carbs to protein that you would need after a cardiovascular workout in order to replace your glycogen stores that you would have burnt off during exercise.

Mineral Boosters:

These packs have the aim of focusing on providing you with the best minerals, vitamins and proteins to prepare and help your recover from your training. They often include a mix of seeds and kernels as a base.

Trail Mixes:

These mixes are made to incorporate all the raw macro and micro nutrients that you may need in order to perform at your optimum. The focus is again on making sure you body uptakes the best nutrients in order to keep your energy levels up to be prepared for your training. They also can be used as a snack a way to get a steady release of energy.


What are the options:


You can set up your subscription in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly plan.

Pack types?

There are 5 different types of packs: They all include 6 products

  • Super recovery- (1 energy, 1 mineral booster and 4 protein bars)
  • Recovery – (1 energy, 1 mineral booster, 1 trail mix and 3 protein bars)
  • Balanced – (2 energy, 1 mineral booster, 1 trail mix and 2 protein bars)
  • Energy – (3 energy, 1 trail mix and 2 protein bars)
  • Super energy – (3 energy, 2 trail mix and 1 protein bars)

Price: £8.65 or use my referral code TRIBEZOE38 and get them for £2

Packaging and Appearance:

I liked the packaging and appearance of the bars they were very simple but modern at the same time. All the bars were in a range of colours aswell depending on the flavours. The box was a standard size and all to fit through the letterbox no problem.


 TRIBE Energy Bars:

So I have mixed reviews about the taste of the energy bars, I have tried two of them and loved one and didn’t really like the other. The bars mainly carbohydrate based with moderate fats than protein. I think these bars are handy to have a snack in general or pre training/exercise but they certainly weren’t as unique or useful as the other products from TRIBE that I tried. This is my personal option though and what I would need more for my training. However for a snack bar they are more natural and less processed than other bars on the market so that is one big plus about them.


Energy Bars

Sour Cherry and Buckwheat: (182 Calories)

I have to say I wasn’t a massive fan of this bar unfortunately. I think it the buckwheat that I didn’t like as I really enjoyed the other energy bar which does have similar ingredients. I did like the cherry flavour which was pretty strong and was defiantly the best bit of the bar. The sour cheery was very tart and gave the bar a good kick. I also like the texture of the bar in terms of it having little chunks in it, it did make it quite interesting to eat. It also wasn’t too hard either and the consistency was good.



Cocoa and Almond: (194 Calories)

I was sceptical of this bar, I hadn’t really enjoyed the other energy bar that I had tried and so wasn’t sure about this one. However I really like this bar. It reminded me of the protein bar: Chia and Cocao Nibs that I had already tried and loved. I am not surprised as the ingredients to this bar are very very similar to the protein bar. I think it must have been he buckwheat in the other bar that I didn’t like rather than the basis of the energy bars. I liked the cocoa aspect cause well who doesn’t like chocolate!! It was really yummy bar and again I liked the little chances of almonds that was in them and other nuts and seeds.

Cocoa and Almond Bar
Cocoa and Almond Bar

TRIBE Trail mixes:

I found these trail mixes really useful as a snack and something I could just grab when I was a bit peckish. I really enjoyed them and generally liked the mix of the nuts, seeds and dried fruit. However I did feel that there more empathises of certain ingredients more than others which I didn’t really want or wasn’t expecting my the name of the mix which was rather disappointing. Though again this is my personal taste.


Cape Trail: Goldenberry & Pecan (182 Calories)

This was my favourite mix, I really like the goldenberries that it came with and I did try to savour them unfortunately there was more rasians than goldenberries. I found that I was disappointed as the Goldenberries being advertised as the main ingredient on the packet but it didn’t make up the majority of the dried fruit in the mix.  The sunflower seeds were a great addition though that I wasn’t expecting and went really well..


Hadrain Trail Mix: Mango & Cashew (193 Calories)

I was slightly disappointed with this mix. I had left it to last as I love dried mango and thought it would be the overall favourite hands down. However the chuncks of mango were very small and were not as nice as what I normally get. However I have to say I am rather picky with my dried mango due to the fact that I grew up in Asian and always had amazing sweet yellow mangos from the Philippians. Again there was more brazil nuts than I than thought considering it wasn’t meant to be one of the main ingredients. However this is me being very picky and I did like the mix of ingrediants.


Scafell Trail Mix: Cacao & Banana (184 Calories)

I didn’t mind this trail mix though I wasn’t a fan of the banana it was a bit too sweet for me but I think that’s just my preference. I am the strange one that likes her banana’s more green than yellow and therefore not as sweet. I was surprised with the amount of Brazil Nuts there was quite a lot in their compared to the amount of everything else. However again it was a very handy snack to just grab and have.

Scafell Trail Mix

TRIBE Recovery Protein Bars:

Overall I really liked the protein bars and they exceeded my expectations in many different ways. The bars were all tasty and certainly don’t last long post training session they are gobbled up very quickly. I really like the texture of them which I find is often a problem with protein bars. Normally I find some of them to be very hard and feel like your jaw might drop off. I also like the fact that the bars have some crunch in them which I haven’t really experienced before in other protein bars. The bar consists of chunks of the seeds and nuts. I found this very pleasant and actually one of my favourite things about the bars I do think it is a unique quality.

They have 10g of protein which certainly isn’t as much as many of the other protein bars on the market which might be why they are softer. However the bars they are designed to have the optimal ratio between carbs and protein to help your recovery from endurance activities particularly running. I am not too worried about the protein level as I normally had the bars after a training session before driving home so knew I would be having a meal when I got back and you can only absorb so much protein in 3hr anyway. I did find it refreshing that they had looked into what is best for recovery for their target audience runners and made sure that the nutritional elements of the bar matched it correctly.


Chia & Cocoa Nibs: (245 Calories)

I loved it!! I have to say I wasn’t sure about it I had never had chia before so wasn’t really sure what to expect. I also wasn’t sure especially after the energy bar that was mainly with dates if I wouldn’t like the date base to the bar. I really like this and it went down well after a hard training session, it was delicious. Similarly to the other bars it had little chucks which gave the bar a good texture and unlike some other protein bars I have bought previously it was so hard I thought my jaw was going to break it was just right. This is defiantly my favourite tribe bar and I could happily eat quite a few after a training session.


Bogoya Banana: (255 Calories)

So I was a bit nervous about this bar, wasn’t sure how the banana was going to work. I wasn’t a massive fan of the trail mix with the banana as it was very sweet so I wasn’t sure. Also before I run I normally always have some sort of snack with a banana so wasn’t sure if i would have a banana overload. However I did really enjoy this bar, it wasn’t too sweet and actually there wasn’t much of a after taste or overwhelming flavour of banana that I was worried about. Again I loved the texture of the bar with the different nuts and seeds in it. I would defiantly have this bar again.

Bogoya Banana

Kianga Pineapple: (256 Calories)

This bar is very similar to the other protein bars in terms of having a great texture and is very enjoyable. I didn’t really get the taste of much of the pineapple which was disappointing though not surprised as it isn’t a massively strong flavour anyway. It was very enjoyable and certainly look forward to having them after my session.

Kianga Pineapple

TRIBE Mineral Boosting Seed Mix:

Overall I have to say I really liked the seed mixes I wasn’t expecting to enjoy them as much as I did. They are very useful as a snack and I have also used them on toppings for stew, soups and salads. I forgot how tasty seeds can actually be and they do give that bit of added texture to a meal. I was actually surprised with the amount of protein that was in the packs there is 5g which is actually half of their recovery protein bars.

Mineral boosters

Paprika & Chilli:

I did like this mix though it wasn’t as hot as I probably would have liked. Though I have to say this is my personal opinion and growing up in Asian. I would regularly have home cooked meals from some of my friends mum’s meaning my tolerance for chilli’s is extremely high compared to most peoples. There was a after taste of the chilli and if I had it more on its own than as a part of a meal I expect I would have got more of a kick. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the apricot kernels as I had never had them before only the actual dried fruit, they are actually very small and not too sweet. Though I think I was thinking about how sweet the dried fruit normally is.

Paprika & Chilli

Smokey turmeric:

I really liked this mix, I have to say I do like turmeric and often have it in my food so maybe that is why. I could easily have it on its own and was able to incorporate it into lots of different dishes. There is slightly more ingredients in this one than the paprika & chilli as it also has chia seeds though apart from that the mix is very much the same.

Smokey turmeric

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