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  • Cosmeston Relays 2016 Review

    Cosmeston relays

    I’m very excited to write this post and it is the first of its type. This post marks another huge milestone in my running recovery from CRPS, my first race back! I couldn’t actually believe it even when I was pinning my number onto my new club vest its seemed very surreal. I always hoped […]

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  • Allodynia when touch hurts


    When I was really struggling with CRPS Allodynia was the symptom that affected me the most. It is also the symptoms that will still cause me excruciating pain to this day. Allodynia is also a symptom I didn’t even realise I had which is one of the reasons why I am writing about it. I […]

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  • Discover Cardiff

    Cardiff Bay

    I am pleased to announce that my my guest Blog post for Discover to run is now up. So despite only having moved to Cardiff 8 months ago it has been centre stage of my running journey after my 4 years after CRPS. I got to know Cardiff and the area through running all around the […]