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    What are Vitamins? Vitamins are molecules that are required by the body for a variety of different functions. They are normally needed in very small amounts being measured in milligrams or micrograms. Vitamins with the exception of Vitamin D which our skin can synthesis from the sun must be gained through our diets. What are […]

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  • Fats 101


    This is the last blog in my 101 nutrition series; I have already talked about the carbohydrate and protein, so the next one is Fat. Fats that’s right I have saved the best for last. Similar to many things it’s more about proportions and getting in the right amounts of the right types. What is […]

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  • Carbohydrates 101

    Carbohydrates 101

    Carbohydrates you say this to many people and they might think they are the devil especially if they are trying to loose weight an often the first element to be cut down on. I have to say I have never been on a diet and most diets for the reason that first have a 80-90% […]

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  • Protein 101


    What is protein + Why do we need it? Protein is essential for the maintenance, growth and repair of all cells in the body. They are also involved in a large variety of metabolic interactions in cells. In an average UK diet you will get 16% of your daily dietary energy from the protein. 1g […]

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  • Gluten 101

    Gluten bread

    So in the last week health professionals told me that I should become gluten free for at least a month. I have to say so far it hasn’t been as bad as I first thought. However growing up in Asian on rice and rice vermicelli certainly has soften the blow. Did you know 20% of […]